Snow Play at Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham is one of the best destinations for snow play in Australia. It is a beautiful and scenic location that is perfect for all winter activities. One of the best things about Mount Hotham is the wide range of snow play activities available. Families and those new to a winter environment can build snowmen, go tobogganing and have a snowball fight. With plenty of snowfall throughout the winter season, Mount Hotham is the perfect location for those who love snow play or want to experience the snow for the very first time.

Just a short free bus ride away, Wire Plain Snow Park offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages. The park has toboggan runs, snowshoeing trails and snow play areas, making it a great destination for families. For those who are looking for a more adventurous experience visitors can try their hand at snowmobiling or dog sled rides along the many trails.

Beyond the Wire Plain Snow Park you’ll find Alpine Eco Experience, which offers a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful alpine environment of Mount Hotham while learning about the region’s unique flora and fauna. Led by experienced guides, visitors to the Alpine Eco Experience can discover the diverse plant and animal life that calls the alpine region home, and gain a deeper appreciation for the fragile ecosystem that supports it. The experience also includes an exploration of the region’s cultural heritage, with stories and legends shared by local guides.

With so many exciting on-snow activities on offer, Mount Hotham and Wire Plain Snow Park are must-visit destinations for anyone who loves winter sports and activities.