Are you thinking about becoming a member of Leeton Lodge? The following information may help you in making your decision.


  • Leeton Lodge is committed to providing families and individuals a comfortable, friendly and enjoyable place to stay.
  • Members of Leeton Alpine Sports Club hold shares in Murrumbidgee Alpine Limited (the building). There are 108 shares.
  • The lodge has 32 beds spread across 10 rooms plus a Caretaker’s flat.
  • A membership entitles you to a number of privileges. Some of which include:
    • Enjoying the company of other members who will make you feel welcome.
    • Participate in discussing, planning and implementing changes for the improvement of the club and lodge.
    • Reduced accommodation rates. Families that have two shares receive reduced rates for their children.
    • Member exclusive booking period for 4 weeks after the AGM, which is held in early March.
    • Book by the bed rather than the room, which again means lower priced accommodation. Note that Leeton Lodge does not require members or guests to share a room with strangers.
    • In July and August the last room available is reserved for a member’s booking. If this room is not taken up by a member and is unlikely to be taken up by a member it is then released to the general public. This release will not occur sooner than 2 weeks prior to the date of its availability. In the event that LASC receives a whole of lodge booking this reservation will not apply, for example, a school group.
    • Accommodation at the lodge during summer without having to satisfy the requirement for the minimum number of guests staying. The lodge could be yours for the weekend at off season accommodation rates.
    • Storage space for your equipment and supplies at the lodge, which can be brought in before the winter season starts.
  • There is an LASC annual subscription of $280 per member, which is subject to late payment fees. This annual subscription makes a significant contribution to paying the fixed charges like site rental and insurance, which ensures the lodge’s financial viability.
  • The lodge is very well maintained and equipped, which is managed by the LASC Committee.
  • Recent improvements in 2017/18 include a bedroom extension for 4 bedrooms providing 2 family rooms with ensuites and 2 double bed rooms with ensuites, plus 2 new stoves. In 2019/2020 the original gas hotplate was replaced with an electric hotplate and new kitchen chairs purchased. In 2022 the boiler was replaced and in 2023 the front balcony and entrance doors replaced.
  • LASC has sufficient funds in bank deposits to make plans for future development of the lodge.
  • The price of a share is negotiable between the seller and the buyer and will depend on supply and demand.



Originating from a group of keen skiing pastoralists, this home away from home has evolved into something that is clean, comfortable, warm, cosy, inviting and a fun place to be. The first meeting of prospective members was held in Leeton on 11th September, 1978. Permission to lease the site given 6th November, 1978. First site allocated December 1978, Second site (present) allocated April 1979. Designed by Trevor Robinson of Freeburgh Design Group; Leeton was built by R & B Builders (Reg Williams & Bardo Serobonya) in 1980. It is a 6 level freestanding building built on concrete floors, originally timber exterior, with metal clad roof, providing 32 bed accommodation, in 10 separate rooms. Extensions were made in 1991 to the kitchen, TV room & lounge. Leeton was clad in colour bond in 2001, fortuitous for the 2003 fires reached the back door.  The extended kitchen was replaced in 2006. In 2009 the bedrooms were refurbished and carpet replacement in all areas completed. The shedding room was extended and a new safer galvanised steel entrance built. In 2011 new artwork was purchased and lounges replaced. In 2017 mattresses were replaced, new curtains provided in the TV room and a virtual open fire installed in the lounge.

In 2018 four of the bedrooms were upgraded creating two family rooms and two double rooms each with their own bathroom.



The lodge is situated on the southern side of the main ridge and slightly downhill from the main through road. The Lodge enjoys magnificent views over the Dargo Valley and surrounding mountainside and yet retains a great bonus – you get to ski in and ski out. It is a friendly family lodge, where you provide your own food. Pillows, blankets & doonas are provided. You bring your own linen or during winter you can hire bed linen and a towel from the Caretaker.

The lodge consists of:

  • 6 bedrooms with a configuration of either 2 double bunks (4 beds), 1 double bunk (2 beds) or a double bed with a single bunk bed. Each bed room has a vanity unit, hanging space with shelves and hydronic heating fitted with an adjustable thermostat.
  • 4 bedrooms with their own bathroom. 2 bedrooms have a double bed and 2 bedrooms have a double bed, double bunk and a single bed.
  • Men’s and ladies’ bathrooms with private showers and toilets.
  • A small apartment for the Caretaker.
  • A double kitchen with hot plate BBQ and individual food storage cupboards for each room. Two refrigerators with individual baskets for each room. Freezers with individual shelves for each room. Commercial dishwasher and instant hot water for beverages. Cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, tea, coffee and a range of sauces, herbs and spices are provided.
  • Dining room, which adjoins the kitchen.
  • A lounge room with leather lounges that overlooks the Dargo valley through floor to ceiling windows.
  • A TV room with Vast Satellite connection and DVD player.
  • A shedding room for the storage of skis and boards.
  • A drying room for drying clothes and forced air boot dryer.
  • A fully equipped laundry.
  • A workshop.
  • A locked storage area for the long term storage of members supplies.
  • A central heating system using hydronic heaters.
  • Wireless internet (WiFi).



MAL is the company that owns the building, which in turn is owned by the shareholders who hold 108 shares. Shareholders are members of LASC. MAL has been granted a 30-year site lease by Mount Hotham Resort Management Board which expires in 2043. The lodge was valued in 2023 and has an insurance assessment of $3,630,000.

The Annual General Meeting of MAL is held on the same day as the LASC Annual General Meeting.



1.  A share certificate corresponds to a holding in Murrumbidgee Alpine Limited, which owns the asset known as Leeton Lodge at Mt. Hotham.  The shares are transferable at values to be determined only by negotiation between the seller and the prospective buyer.  Following agreement on the sale of a share/s, a share transfer form is to be completed in full and the original transfer form posted to the Directors of MAL.

 2.  The share transfer is then required to be approved by Murrumbidgee Alpine Limited. A transfer fee of $100 is paid by the buyer to LASC.

3. The company leases its assets to Leeton Alpine Sports Club and the administration of the Mt. Hotham facility including preferential accommodation arrangements for members is vested in the Club.

4.  Whilst shares in the company are transferable, approval of applications for membership to the Club is subject to the club’s constitution as follows:

“Each application for full membership shall be proposed and seconded by two full members and signed by them together with the applicant.  The proposer and the seconder will be deemed to have vouched for the application as to fitness for full membership.  Such nomination shall be voted upon by the committee at its first meeting after it is received.  A favourable majority of three-fifths of the committee members voting will determine full membership…..”



Leeton Lodge is operated by LASC Inc. being a non-profit organisation with all profits being used to maintain the Lodge. A Committee and office bearers, elected at the Annual General Meeting, are involved in the day to day operations of the lodge. The Annual General Meeting of LASC is held in March at Leeton, NSW or at a location set by the Committee.

Members receive preferential booking periods and significantly reduced accommodation rates compared to non-members.  A single share in MAL entitles the owner to an individual membership in LASC. A couple that hold two shares in MAL are entitled to a family membership which enables their children (whilst they are students) to be junior members, and receive junior member accommodation rates.

Working bees are held in April/May each year for members to attend to maintenance and improvements.  This is an enjoyable social time for members as well as achieving improvements to our building. A payment is made to members who attend, towards their cost of fuel.

LASC has 105 members of which one-third would stay at the lodge sometime during the year. There is also a smaller group of members that don’t use the lodge and are seeking to sell their shares in MAL.



  • Members pay an annual subscription, which is set at the AGM each year.
  • Members are encouraged to assist in the maintenance of the lodge at working bees and whilst staying at the lodge.
  • Members are to make guests feel welcome whilst they are staying at the lodge.
  • Members will assist the Caretaker in ensuring a friendly and respectful atmosphere is maintained at the lodge and that guests and members carry out the rostered duties.
  • When the Caretaker is not present during summer, members who have booked to stay at the lodge are required to open the lodge and close the lodge in accordance with the lodge manual.



During summer reservations for accommodation should be made on a booking sheet submitted to the Booking Officer to secure the reservation.  Reservations can be made by telephone or email and then confirmed by submitting a booking sheet and payment within 7 days of the reservation.

During winter reservations for accommodation are made by using the booking sheet during the member exclusive period and thereafter by using the website



Through the winter season a caretaker will be resident at the Lodge.  This person, together with the Lodge Leader at the time, has the authority and responsibility for the day to day running of the Lodge.

Upon arrival at the Lodge guests should examine the notice board for room allocation. Each room is allocated a small duty twice a week to maintain a clean lodge for the comfort of all guests. 

Guests must vacate their rooms by 10.00 a.m. on the morning of departure.  Belongings can remain in the Lodge and those departing may use the Lodge for the rest of the day, but the room must be available for the incoming guests who will be entitled to occupancy at 2 p.m.  Guests must leave their room clean and tidy after vacating including vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the sink or ensuite.



If you have any further questions then please contact one of the following people who will be able to assist you:

Jeremy Barton, President LASC mobile 0400 043 292, email:

Carol Henderson, Director MAL, mobile: 0417 122 533, email:

If you wish to proceed to purchasing a share then contact Carol Henderson above who will provide you with a list of members who are wishing to sell their shares.